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Location Tip:

The Fire & Police facility is located at 711 Serra Street. It is located near the corner of Campus Drive and Serra Street.


The Fire & Police facility houses the Department of Public Safety. For additional information regarding Stanford's Department of Public Safety, please visit

Accessible Entrance:

The main entrance to the police department is equipped with a power-operated door and is located via an accessible pathway along Campus Drive (southeast side of the building). From the disabled parking, located at the northwest side of the building, follow the accessible pathway (adjacent to the building along the west side).


There are no public restrooms located inside the Fire & Police facility. The nearest wheelchair accessible restroom is located at 340 Bonair Siding.

Parking & Transportation:

Disabled parking is located in a small parking lot behind the Fire & Police facility via Campus Drive and Bonair Siding. The closest Marguerite shuttle stop is located on Serra Street and Campus Drive.

Points of Interest:

The Knight Management Center - Graduate School of Business is located southwest of the Fire & Police facility and offers a variety of dining options. Please visit for more information.

For disability access information about any building not listed in the Campus Access Guide, please contact the Diversity and Access Office, (650) 725-0326, We welcome your feedback about the Mobility Guide and requests for further information.