Welcome to the Mailcodes information page

Four digit campus mail codes are managed by Land, Buildings and Real Estate - Mail and Delivery Services (MDS).

Please use this page to review or search the mail code for the University mailcodes. Please note that mailcodes for SMC(Stanford Medical Center) are not available on this site.

If you anticipate a change in the location of your mail stop, please contact us. Many times a change in location will require the assignment of a new mail code. Please do not make up or assign your own mail codes!

Please also note that campus mailcodes are different from the US Post Office Zip+4 system. To view the USPS Zip+4 code for your address click here.

Please direct requests for new mailcodes to: mailcode@lists.stanford.edu.
or call 723-2261 for more information regarding University mailcodes .

Developed by Stanford University - LBRE (Land, Buildings and Real Estate)
CONTACT: For University mailcodes - mailcode@lists.stanford.edu