Disability Access @ Stanford


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Departments located in this building:
Pediatric Surgery
Administrative Operations
Howard Hughes Medical Inst
Electrical Eng Operations
Non-Stanford Entitiy
Stanford Center for Innovation and In Vivo Imaging
Senior Associate Dean Finance & Administration Operations
Biodesign Program
Biochemistry Operations
Structural Biology
Rad/Molecular Imaging Program at Stanford
Civil Eng Operations
Bio-X Program
Rad/General Radiology
Wu Tsai Neurosciences Institute Operations
Molecular and Cellular Physiology
Chemical and Systems Biology Operations
Applied Physics
Psych/Administrative & Academic Special Programs
Humanities and Sciences Dean's Office
Computer Sci Operations
Chemical Eng Operations
Cardiovascular Institute Operations

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1.    Location Tip

The James H. Clark Center is located at 318 Campus Drive. It is located across the street from the Gates Computer Science Building and is adjacent to the Fairchild Center. 


2. Use/Purpose

The Clark Center is a three-story building that takes the form of three wings of laboratories and is centered on an open courtyard overlooked by balconies. A café is located in the southern wing, and labs, office spaces and meeting areas are located throughout the other two wings. There is a large auditorium located on the basement level. 


3. Accessible Entrance

The main entrances to each of the three wings are equipped with power-operated doors and are accessible via the courtyard. The step-free pathway to access the courtyard is located on the north side and the west side of the building. Elevators are located directly inside the main entrances of the east and west wings, and provide access to all floors (B, 1, 2, 3). The step-free access to the large auditorium on the basement level is via the elevator in the east wing.   


4. Restrooms

Wheelchair accessible men's and women's restrooms are located on each floor of the Clark Center. There are also wheelchair accessible men's and women's restrooms on the basement level of the Clark Center, near the auditorium.


5. Parking & Transportation

The nearest disabled parking is located at the Roth Way Parking Garage at the corner of Roth Way and Campus Drive. Additional disabled parking is located in Lot 9, across from the Roth Way Garage, and in a small parking lot (Lot 15) to the west of the Clark Center, across from the Li Ka Shing Center. 

The closest Marguerite shuttle stop is located on Serra Mall. 


6. Points of Interest

The Nexus café is located on the 1st floor of the south wing of the Clark Center and Peet's Coffee is located on the 2nd floor.  For additional information, please visit http://www.stanford.edu/dept/visitorinfo/activities/dining.html.



For disability access information about any building not listed in the Campus Access Guide, please contact the Diversity and Access Office, (650) 725-0326 voice, (650) 723-1216 TTY, disability.access@stanford.edu. We welcome your feedback about the Mobility Guide and requests for further information.