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Herbert Hoover Memorial Building, 03-120

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1.   Location Tip

The Herbert Hoover Memorial Building is located at 434 Galvez Mall. It is between Green Library and the Lou Henry Hoover Building and adjacent to the Hoover Tower.


2.   Use/Purpose

The Herbert Hoover Memorial Building is home to the Hoover Institution and the Hoover Library/Archives. In addition, the Stauffer Auditorium and Hoover Press are located on the courtyard level of the building.


3.  Accessible Entrance

The main entrance is accessible via a ramp along Crothers Way between the rear of Hoover Tower and Herbert Hoover Memorial Building. Once at the top of the ramp, continue along the pathway and turn right. The main entrance of the Herbert Hoover Memorial building is on the right and is equipped with a power-operated door. Once inside the main entrance, the elevator is straight ahead and provides access to all floors (C, 1, 2, 3). Another ramp is located along the east side of the building (Encina Commons side) and provides access to the entrance located at the courtyard level.


4.  Restrooms

Wheelchair accessible, multi-occupancy men’s and women’s restrooms are located on the courtyard level near Stauffer Auditorium via an exterior entrance, which is equipped with a power-operated door. Semi-ambulatory (grab bars – front transfer only) men’s and women’s multi-occupancy restrooms are also located on the 2nd floor.


5.  Parking & Transportation

There is a limited amount of disabled parking along Crothers Way. Additional disabled parking is located on the Oval or on Galvez Street. The closest Marguerite shuttle stop is located on Serra Mall, just outside the Hoover Tower.


6.  Points of Interest

Visit the Herbert Hoover Memorial Exhibit Pavilion located next to the Hoover Tower. For more information on the Hoover Tower and Herbert Hoover Memorial Exhibit Pavilion, please visit http://www.stanford.edu/dept/visitorinfo/plan/guides/hoover.html


Updated: 7/2019


For disability access information about any building not listed in the Campus Access Guide, please contact the Diversity and Access Office, (650) 725-0326 voice, (650) 723-1216 TTY, disability.access@stanford.edu. We welcome your feedback about the Mobility Guide and requests for further information.