Disability Access @ Stanford


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1.  Location Tip

The Harmony House is located at 561 Lomita Drive.  It is adjacent to the Black Community Services Center (BCSC).


2.  Use/Purpose

The Harmony House is Stanford's home to the Committee on Black Performing Arts (CBPA). CBPA is an interdisciplinary program in the arts that engages students in the exploration of culture and identity through artistic expression. A variety of office space and meeting rooms are located on the 1st and 2nd floors.  There is no elevator in the Harmony House.


3.  Accessible Entrance

The main entrance of the Harmony House, equipped with a power-operated door, is accessible via a ramp on the left side of the building, which leads from the disabled parking area to the front door.  Wheelchair access is limited to the 1st floor.


4.  Restrooms

A wheelchair accessible unisex restroom is located on the 1st floor. 


5.    Parking & Transportation

There are several disabled parking spaces available in the parking lot (L-37) adjacent to the Harmony House and near the Black Community Services Center (BCSC). The closest Marguerite shuttle stop is located at the corner of Santa Teresa Street and Lomita Drive.


6.   Points of Interest

Across the street from the Harmony House is the New Guinea Sculpture Garden, one of the most unique sites on campus. Ten artists from New Guinea created the stone and wooden sculptures during a five-month visit in 1994.



For disability access information about any building not listed in the Campus Access Guide, please contact the Diversity and Access Office, (650) 725-0326 voice, (650) 723-1216 TTY, disability.access@stanford.edu. We welcome your feedback about the Mobility Guide and requests for further information.